Adjustable clutch lever RDmoto- SHORT

  • Fully adjustable clutch lever. STANDARD size.
  • Made from aluminium T7075  - the highest strength of alloy.
  • Manufactured on the newest CNC milling machines.
  • Anodized surface is protected by color layer against UV radiation (color fading).
  • Stainless steel housing in the setting mechanism of lever. Six possible positions for distance of lever.
  • Original design and setting of levers different from other manufacturers. Made in Czech Republic.
  • For display of image, choose lever color and color of the setting wheel below.
  • Unfortunately, red levers are no longer available. RDLC-HL17

Manufacturer: RDMOTO

Availability: In stock, but delivery times may vary during high season.

Colour of adjustable wheel:

Old price:74 EUR

Price:67 EUR

without VAT55 EUR



  • Because of the wide range of clutch adapters specify type and year of your motorcycle with purchase.​