Crash protectors Honda CB 650 R Neo Sport Café 2019-

  • Sport-like shaped protectors.
  • Price include fitting kit, protectors and covers.
  • POM-C protector is supplied in Black color, if you are interested in White polyamide, write so in the comments.
  • 8 colours variants for AL cover. H63-PHV1

Manufacturer: RDMOTO

Availability: In stock, but delivery times may vary during high season.


Price:95 EUR

without VAT79 EUR




These protectors are offered in following colors and materials:
black polyamid and silver aluminium cover
black polyamid and red aluminium cover
black polyamid and blue aluminium cover
black polyamid and black aluminium cover
black polyamid and gold aluminium cover
black polyamid and orange aluminium cover
black polyamid and green aluminium cover
Protectors are 50 mm in diameter and 60 mm lenght. Every protector includes colored cover that hides the screw inside. Product is sold with complete fitting kit for specific motorbike.
Every protector has inner steel insertion that increases the power and allows use of shorter screws to the frame.

Our crash protectors are tested both in regular traffic conditions on the road and on the racing tracks by racing teams. This gives us the experience and feedback to develop the optimal technical solution so that our protectors provide excellent protection of motorcycle in the event of a fall. Each protector passes through quality of control and processing. Durability and functionality of our protectors can be seen in the "CRASH TEST" part of this website.

Mouting kits are manufactured with respect to several aspects of the specific motorycle. We always try to design the set so that it provides maximum protection while minizining potential damanges and support the look of the motorcycle.  

All crash protectors are manufactured from high-quality materials and thanks to modern manufacturing methods we are able to offer them at reasonable costs.